Manuela Flawless Academy

Our Pricing

Brows New (Ombre/HD Brow/Powder) 2 hours R3 000

Correction/Coverup of old work 2hrs15mins R3200

Touchup 1hr15mins R1800

1 year touch up / refresh 1 hr15mins R1800

2 year touch up / refresh 1hr30mins R2000

Classic eyeliner top only 1hr R1250

Classic eyeliner bottom only 1hr R1000

Classic eyeliner top & bottom 1hr30mins R2500

Eyelash enhancement 1hr R1800

Basic fine eyeliner top & bottom 1hr30mins R2000

Thick eyeliner (winged or flick) 2hrs R2500 

Stardust eyeliner (top only) 2hrs R2800

Stardust eyeliner (top & bottom) 2hrs15mins R3000

Wet-look eyeliner top only 2hrs R2800

Wet-look eyeliner (top & bottom) 2hrs 15mins R3000

Eyeliner touchup top or bottom 1hr R1000

Eyeliner touchup top & bottom 1hr30mins R1800

1 year touchup / refresh 1hr30mins R1800

2 year touchup / refresh 1hr30mins R2200

Lip liner definer 1hr30mins R1800

Lasting lips 3hrs R3000

Envy ethnic lip neutralization first session 3hrs R3000

Envy ethnic lip neutralization sessions 2 & 3 2hrs30mins R2500

Lip touchup 2hrs R2200

1 year touchup / refresh 2hrs30mins R2500

2 year touchup / refresh 2hrs 30mins R2800

Keratin lash lift 1hr R650

Russian volume lash extensions 2hrs R1100

Classic lash extensions 2hrs R950

Lift saline removal 30-60mins From R450


+27 61 281 7878

Please note a 50% deposit is required to confirm booking


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