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CRC Tattoo Removal

The Most Non Evasive Tattoo Removal System

CRC tattoo remover I + II is the first noninvasive tattoo removal method. The CRC Tattoo Removal is a two-part bio chemical system that has gradual destructive effect on and wanted pigment. It is applied during permanent make up procedures to correct small errors of micro blading and tattooing or it can be also used as a removal for old PMU work.

Budget alternative to lazer

CRC Tattoo Removal FAQ's

No. The phytic acid in CRC Tatoo Remover is an organic acid that is in our body and is not dangerous for us at all.

It is of plant origin, it has a very large molecule that does not interact with the proteins of the skin and does not act on them. And vice versa, with all the substances that make up the pigments for PM and tattoos, such as metals, carbon, etc., the phytic acid molecule enters into active interaction. This is a completely different type of acid, not aggressive.

Phytic acid is very gentle and can be used for all skin types. No burns, minus fabrics, etc. Moreover, after using CRC Tatoo Remover, the client's eyebrows begin to grow thicker (for some, hope for their eyebrows has long been lost)

The number of procedures directly depends on many factors: what pigment is in the skin, how long is it there, how many overlaps were there and what pigments?

From the somatic state of the client (starting from body temperature, blood Ph, electrolyte composition, concomitant diseases, etc.)
In addition, the client must follow all the instructions of the master, actively use home care.

If the procedure was carried out by the master correctly, then there should be no crusts.

Before the procedure, the master must carefully collect an anamnesis, assess the external condition of the client. If the master follows all the methodological recommendations for working with the remover, there should be no complications.

Please abide by ALL instructions given.

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